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Welcome! My name is Moe Shirani and I am a photographer, a videographer, and a multimedia producer.
My interests are: photography, watching movies, outdoor acitivies, editing and videography.
Please visit my blog and watch my demo reel.

About me

Moe Shirani’s interest in astronomy lead him to discover his passion with photography at 16 years old. After earning his Bachelors in Multimedia, with Honours, he continued his career as a freelance photographer and designer for advertisements and logo designs. In 2013, Shirani immigrated to Canada to further his education through Durham College’s Digital Video Production program in Oshawa, Ontario. Shirani has since extended his practice of photography through many genres, including: portraiture, product shooting, and architecture. Nonetheless, he continues to find his motivation in the media arts through his original inspiration of landscape and astrophotography.

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